A Lego Retro

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To create a playful mindset from which to more honestly self-evaluate.

Length of time:

60 minutes.

Short Description:

Using Lego, and the creativity involved in its freestyle construction, team members are able to express themselves more honestly and openly. By playing with a children's toy in a serious, professional environment, participants can more easily lower the shields of adult pride and decorum that might ordinarily inhibit frank self-assessment and thus genuine self-improvement.


Lego, flipchart/whiteboard, pens


After an introduction, show the participants a warm-up model as an example for things they might create themselves. Members are then given ten minutes in which to build a Lego model that represents their last sprint. Following this, ask the group to share and discuss their models, interpreting the emotions that they have expressed while at play. Next, they have another ten minutes to build a new model, this time of an idealized sprint. Afterwards is another period of sharing and discussion, before a final ten minute session in which the group reflects on what they can commit to do differently in future, as a team or as individuals.