Mountain Hiking

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Mountain Climbing Situation: Similar to a situation of mountain climbing, there are hurdles and risks that may slow us down and enablers that help the team move up towards the sprint goal.

Length of time:

60 min

Short Description:

Instructions: As a facilitator, draw a large picture of a mountain hiking scene as shown at the reverse of the card, with helmets, ropes, slippery slopes, rain and thunder. This would enable the teams to visualize the analogy. Explain that we're going to use mountain hiking as a visual metaphor for the retrospective. The facilitator then asks the team to think of the impediments and risks that are impeding the team from reaching their sprint goal, and what are the driving forces that help the team move forward. Let the team brainstorm and think of one item each for the three categories. Use three different colours for the different categories for better visualization. Discuss the data points and come up with SMART goals.


Any materials required e.g. flip charts, post-it notes etc.