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halo I why

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in everyone's mind is always thinking, how to be   how to be a good person how to have a satisfying and value and the good life.                          that there is a skeleton in the cupboard, but in order to fight us, I say that everyone has a difficult path some people think that everything is going smoothly. If life, that life is not wonderful life, and why?Since childhood I walk out of that a moment, how think after doing things you might also want to know the end, when this idea, probably until the end of life we are in the memories of his life whether success is whether to regret...!Think too much of what I do and who can tell me?This word has been around my ears.I am the person, there are some things that I have in my mind, never say it, some things I don't want to care about others to say I am silly.My heart abacus has been knocking at my heart, I do not want to let this abacus stop.So life don't live too tired, tired tired to have value, the things around us can endure   smile and let the pain in the heart that is learned to disguise myself.In your life, don't blame anyone for the road is their own choice.But I have my dignity as more important than anything, if I'm wrong I can apologize, if I to I whether you are elder or a teacher or leader still I can't let you slander me!This is my dignity principle.Remember don't do dog thing don't see people who see the dog dog, don't do!You can't be the principle of life, but don't let anyone in the door to see you on the line!Since I saw the wolf ".The ant, "my life has been saying words: wolves had no ambition not to live, no ambition to do not do, be like an ant to the ideal implementation to the foot!But the man Bie Taihei with Changle, difference between ambition and dirty I think so understanding.We can always think of how to earn more money!We should always think of how to steal money from!I was so understanding, although the loss of substance, but truth and similar!We must face the reality you can skip meals but the thought is don't let it stay in place!I don't like wearing fashionable clothes, I like the trend of thought.I remember when I was a university female netizen first talk, she recorded I fuzzy remember me chat in Xinjiang University: Hello   will be able to chat?         

         : casually..

          I: how old are you!


          I: I have 20 "first chat to amuse her I 19."

         : Oh!

I: a?"A representative of a place to keep secret!&quot Robes de Bal;

.: what is it??

I: ha ha ha ha I b!

.: halo I why?I: so, the!What is "

", graphics

I: how not to speak!!

.: you said..

I: you a few months?"Make trouble out of nothing is a problem no topic asking >

.:2 month

I: my January "meaning is bigger than you are very proud of feeling"

.: then the guy said &quot sacs celine pas cher;means: very soil...."  such a record chat you think very naive, but I think my nostalgia.The last sentence reminded me of people thought not too backward while this chat I am active and very failure talk without a bit of fresh but I want is its value!Sometimes I and some people chat when they say some students put the pants with scissors into the hole and ugly!I said with a smile that is fashion!From this I also began to slowly learn to learn how to do ideological fashion trend!For example: &nbsp Tanga pas cher; in the chat; can turn, can not turn it!The first step that is chasing fashion!Network chat chat chat chat feelings three happy life two!Now the society: everyone will boast that everyone will say you eat three grams of oil feed!Everyone knows what is the brand name   more advanced is the old man talked about QQ on the net friend said I bought the dress by taobao!Now people dancing instead of the previous three steps is hip-hop is slow is crazy!Fashion is social achievement you I was a slave to it unless!Fashion is to love once trouble Oh before I have a netizen 15 Shandong people are still at school. I asked her to date no and she said   all about three!Think carefully didn't fall in love that we are from the tragedy!!Fashion is good or bad to you and I also don't know to look forward to is happy on the line!  a braggart: as long as you happy what can even riding a donkey to the market!I always say: if my pain for your happiness I would always go on suffering because I want to make you happy all the time!People can't do without friends also graded though life but I was best friends say: my relationship with your poor wife together with what not to say!Although not elegant but very real!!Do you feel no!Don't make friends friends or friends to pay the true is to help with a glib tongue together bragging can still true meaning on the line!"Purely personal ideas......"Her own life to figure out, my life who come to tube, as long as the end of life, a beautiful miss, in his heart meditation, life is not as brilliant!Hope you leave some love,,,,, it's my life, I thought, I dominate,,,, my world I was the main,,, for a better life we struggle together, difficulties ahead, but I hope we smile smile forever, smile so bright.Looking forward to tomorrow over yesterday and now today please don't say I'm sorry!Since we do not escape since thought is don't let it become unreal, as far as possible do not hit head broken blood, don't look back.Perhaps life is a struggle of life need to struggle in life life do not need others struggle for the cause of life care please you remember!!!!!!    over   also want to hear it!!Want to leave a message "&quot camicia La Martina; "" "" "ha ha ha I wish friends happy every day health still handsome..........

  December 2, 2010 21 15  &nbsp paul smith prezzi; QQ. 99481000 QQ 509626 copyright pseudonym: silly joy ugly chic


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just watching the American film a documentary film called [Inside Job], Chinese translation is "embezzlement".

tells in some big how Wall Street behind some "magnificent" financial operation led to the 2008 low to global financial storm.

Wall Street many people yearning for money Templar paul smith scarpe, but is a greedy and fearful money hell, every day there are staged a and a be struck with fright,

The content of

movies I do not write, are interested can go to have a look boutique michael kors, is stuffy, have patience to see down below, I write about topics related to Lunettes de soleil Dolce Gabbana.


money is really a good stuff, it can help us to solve many of the problems around us, it can fill our hunger fasting, it can let us enjoy

luxury material to bring other people envious eyes.Dead birds for food, people die for money has become the most typical portrayal of social reality, make money has become more

than food

precious things, once it is used a tool represents a trading exchange food, now almost become our pursuit of all.

most people may be to the needs of life and the work day in and day out to make money, hope can let oneself and family live a life without worry of food and clothing,

fatigue time and the body's own in exchange for a modest money for daily expenses.Well, then save the foot a little money to start

do a little business or home and be firm and secure, waiting for the physiological time to then quietly leave; not good situation, every day work

fatigue come home to a big push life sorrow and be at a loss what to do with the bills, and then the next day to get up early to make money with money.


and I have the pursuit of money because it brings me a lot of troubles and problems, without it I may live more happy and relax a little scarpe converse, but I prefer to think of money

as a set of numbers.A few years ago in the network to see a CEO words, let me feel deep, he said "Baidu do is a profitable business, Google

do business ", was suddenly understood that cravatta Paul Smith, yes, money and career is not the same, the previous concept is a career are often earn

Many of the

, money is a personal wealth, is the cause of the wealth of mankind, so from then on I said to myself, I want to do business, and not only make



continued.................Very late paul smith pas cher!

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a prince fell in love with a princess, the princess told him, if he would be willing to 100 consecutive nights on her balcony, she would accept him.So the Prince did, he was waiting for a day, two days, three days......Until the ninety-ninth day, the prince left.Why the Prince did not insist on the last day?The answer is very impressive: love is not the only one.Wang Ziyong 99 days to prove love, 100th days that dignity.!The son feel the prince himself too seriously, and not all the girls love make trouble out of nothing, I think we should first lay down in front of the love and dignity.If you really love a person you do not care about a person to pay, because you will feel you for her, you are very happy!Net neuropathy, does not mean I really crazy, I am sober!In February 12 Sina micro-blog netizen said: (we are still a little dignity don't want others to think that we are very cheap in front of love)!Force -
into the text to the
cannot find the flower leaves butterfly wings, South Lane, I walked along the traces of time, wind, cold face.Is the night time, the dark night under the road ahead, not to look at the marginal.Can not see that day bonus all over the sky, fluttering butterflies.Flying is my tear, dripping on the broken bridge, moist write full vicissitudes of wood.

will never die, wait for the heart never annihilation.Waiting for you, in a lonely time.The integration of Black Sea in my tears, again from the ocean into a lonely land, see, my obsession still immortal.

South Bridge night under the eaves, Yan brought desolation.Outside the window the trees, swaying gold time, every time the ups and downs of rhythm, is very touching.Who is listening to the sound of my broken heart.Brilliantly illuminated, light up my gaunt.

cannot read Saibei wilderness boutique michael kors.Perhaps that day, down back to you.I stood at the entrance of the city gate to wait for you, the story is as the play, I dream of the mountain is still, still water, and flowing beneath your feet, but is no longer yesterday river.Love fetters fate once is enough, next season, writing is not funny.Why should I love you...

scored a season because of loneliness and love you, young Boutons de manchettes de Gucci, young me.Lonely perceived rampant, your silence will be attracted to me.Gaze of love, in the dim light.At that time, I love you, just because of loneliness.At that time, my beauty, give you.However, on the top of the hill there is spread when lonely, the wind light, thin clouds.You put a carved into the bone marrow, my eye drops, is infatuated.

spring to return soon after the annihilation, the language is not goodbye, just to meet.The past is the tragedy, endless road, continued.

left me enjoy fireworks fly all over the sky, escaped the crash.I was peeling off of the soul, like the falling petals, you can see, the dark stars ed hardy vendita, beautiful is accelerated aging time.At this time, a light drizzle, that is my tear.

after swaying on the wind piaoyuan.

bridge is under the snow, too.Snowflakes like a never healing around the white scar, the tears, can suddenly into ice, frozen in a certain space-time.Cold, I want you to add a coat, tell you, my thoughts.

watching the lake, East view.Eyes closed, water blossom of white Hibiscus actually.Twist a cuff flowers, sewing into years of waiting, the next time you open, the nose is my cry, miss.

the water moon as snow, fingertips the melting.Outline your in the mind basket converse montantes, in the dead of night basket converse femme pas cher, hold your gentle, only to find all entirely unreal, like a bubble Lunettes de soleil Oakley pas cher.Those who wait to fish for the moon in the water, absurd.Those verses, layer upon layer, in a long time, piled into a world can not shake the mountain.

bridge is under the snow, and remember your face.

if no goodbye, Bai Causeway willow shade cry several times
Hello! I'm Li Shaowei welcome!Please add qq:502451 as a friend!To facilitate the next visit the space!

I alone a person standing in the middle of the city of

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gray day dim and dark
hiding in a corner of the heart very sad
thought we had loved
every time memories tears in
I alone a person standing in the middle of the city of
that is looking for you in the place
knew that we become so
had pain why not share
I pay you for I hurt
love heart love despair
your heart like ice
I love how to bear you cold injury
for you to pay me for I hurt
pain completely pain heart cool
my heart like a broken
you love how have the heart to hurt my chest
you love how the heart to hurt


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watched you go stubborn head also don't return
I should save each time
is run and chase
what are you tired not tired
why love becomes a suffer
give up and regret
if you feel there is no so-called
let me love to recover

his loneliness is a born beauty

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afraid of leaving

at the end of the semester, parting season converse negozi. Two months is not long chemise burberry, but still can let a person suffocate.

don't want to say too much, listen too much. I'm afraid I moved, then we regret, for reunion and looking forward to the.

does, I love, I love.

silence, perhaps is the effective way to avoid the sad, don't know, don't like, there can be no parting hearts. Sometimes it is really contradictory. No wonder people say, is a combination of many contradictions, the real life sense and sensibility | ideal and reality sometimes really far too far.

often persuade themselves become stronger become generous, but I never seem to reach the "farewell to the next reunion" this realm. Maybe it's because I'm possessive, always want people around me always in their surrounding occhiali da sole Marc Jacobs.

create a great sensation < Japan Tokyo Love Story > at the end, let me sigh. Three years later, when Rika and permanent tail accidentally met in the street, look back the story does not end, Rika still smile. "I no regrets" parting, just smiled and said quietly. "We just met in the street is notVery good? ", a solid step towards the swelling crowd.

probably is her last words, the final figure, gave me the deepest feelings of.
everyone has their own pursuit, have their own ideal. Like her she has its own life circle. The permanent end of life space.
his loneliness is a born beauty, heavy also has unique charm, the colorful life, because life is not perfect. The truths all understand, but just can't get rid of the parting of the fear of.

hope in the years of the mold, learn to grow up slowly. Br>

requires   to pay the price
plum blossom come from the bitter cold;      
the life of calm and stability cravate homme Gucci, and not some pain and sorrow is a lucky and happy
life, is an eternal wealth of..          &nbsp Robes Soldes France;     &nbsp polo burberry pas cher;      

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Style= &quot scarpe Ralph Lauren uomo;font-size:14px occhiali da sole Fendi;&quot Lunettes de soleil Porsche pas cher; &gt cravatta Gucci uomo; the irresolute and hesitant I am rich, is now selling a pound, first come first served Abbigliamento ed hardy. At the same time, long-term acquisition of make a lightning decision a catty Couette et alternative pas cher.


Style= "font-size:14px;&quot casquettes Hermes; &gt Chaussures de Football Nike T90; hard to pray to God to let us always happy together Vente de boucles de sac LV, I am willing to use their own 10 years of life to go in exchange for our happiness converse Uomo,, looking forward to your coming back cravatta Burberry!I love you really mad vetement burberry.